Hyunseung talks about his feelings after leaving Beast


    It was a sad day when it was announced that Jang Hyunseung was leaving Beast, and now in his first series of televised appearances on “Hit The Stage” since his departure, the singer has gradually opened up about his career post-Beast.

    In the recently-aired August 24 episode of “Hit The Stage”, Hyunseung revealed that he was fearful of his career after leaving Beast, and that there was pressure on him to perform well:

    If my score [on the show] is bad, I can’t help but be bothered even when I try not to be. Honestly, I do feel fearful after departing from B2ST. I’m getting judged for the first time since my departure and I am more scared now of the hate I’ll receive if I don’t do well.” 

    This admission follows Hyunseung’s appearance on the August 10 episode of the show, in which the singer revealed that it wasn’t easy for him to return to TV:

    I was a bit apprehensive because it was my first official promotions after I left B2ST. I just chose something that naturally makes my heart beatI was in the dance studio for 12 hours. I immersed myself entirely in dance practice. It’s been six years since I debuted, nearing seven years.

    While it’s natural to have doubts, based on his awesome performances so far on “Hit The Stage”, Hyunseung has got nothing to worry about!