Home News G-Dragon said, “I′ll goto the Army when it′s time”

G-Dragon said, “I′ll goto the Army when it′s time”


G-Dragon appeared on the June 18 broadcast of jTBC′s News Room.

Anchor asked, “It′s difficult to pinpoint an exact time, but who will G-Dragon be in about 10 years?”

G-Dragon said, “To be honest, I get asked this question a lot, but every time, I don′t have a proper answer. Although I am constantly recreating my image and training, I work hard every day thinking tomorrow will be better than today, today is better than yesterday. If I think about five years, 10 years from now, it just seems more far away.”

Anchor then said, “As a third person, I want to say to you, G-Dragon and Big Bang are at the top right now, and if you′re at the top, I think it′s important to enjoy it as much as you can” , he also asked, “When are you going to the army?”

G-Dragon responded, “I′ll go when it′s time for me to go”.

Anchor said, “I want to make one request. When you come back from the army, I hope you don′t lose the emotions you have now” to which G-Dragon said, “That′s a big worry of mine. I won′t lose it.”