Home Music GFRIEND releases comeback MV for “Rough”

GFRIEND releases comeback MV for “Rough”


From 2015’s super rookie to 2016’s most anticipated return – GFRIEND girls are blossoming every year. The six ladies are finally coming back with a third mini-album [SNOWFLAKE]. Like the word “snowflake” suggests, the album title [SNOWFLAKE] is a representation of GFRIEND’s group identity – pure, maybe fragile but bright and beautiful. It also shows GFRIEND’s desire to continue shining on with good music.

The title song “ROUGH” with wishful lyrics like “If only I could run through time and grow up…” is an upgraded version of GFRIEND’s previous hit songs. With powerful beats, but sentimental melodies and catchy lyrics, “ROUGH” will definitely enchant the listeners.