Kang Ha Neul offered lead role in drama series “Gaia”


    Actor Kang Ha Neul has been offered the lead male role in upcoming drama series “Gaia.”

    Story for the drama series involves a plane crash on a island. A passenger on the plane is a male idol group member with a feisty personality which would be played by Kang Ha Neul if he accepts and the other lead character is scripted as an ordinary woman. Currenty, Kang Ha Neul is “positively considering” the offer.

    In addition, MBC is currently in negotiations to air the drama series. If MBC agrees to air the drama series, “Gaia” will air Mondays & Tuesdays 10PM from September 19, 2016 (taking over the time slot currently held by “Monster“).

    Screenplay for the drama is scripted by Song Ji Na (“Faith“/”Healer“).