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Kang Dong Won and his undeniable visual for “ELLE”


On the 15 this month, fashion media “Elle” unveiled May issue’s cover project with GANG DON WON, an actor who never stops on the screen.

For the cover project, GANG DONG WON shot photos on different streets of L.A., the center of the world’s film industry, that look just like scenes in blockbuster movies. At Venice Beach Skates Park, he turned himself into a free-spirited skater, looking just like local skate boarders in the park. On a crowded street in L.A. in the night, GANG DONG WON was transformed into a rock star who sneaked out of a party. GANG showed perfect looks in different outfits from casual to formal suit.

“Elle”s photo-shooting team put GANG’s perfect look with his tall and slim figure, handsome face, natural actor’s aura, as well as his deep eyes that seem to be talking many things, in the photography.

For GANG DONG WON who has never stopped working to the extent of earning the nickname of “GANG DONG WON who keeps working like a cow”, the photo-shooting with “Elle” magazine is his first photography since he joined new agency YG Entertainment. It was also an opportunity for him to recharge himself before the full-fledged promotion of movie “Hidden Time” that has cranked up recently and the beginning of the shooting of “Master”.

In an interview that followed the photo-shooting a few days later further raised people’s anticipation for his acting in melodrama, mentioning “Hidden Time” which is his next movie for which he works with a rookie director following “The Priests” and “A Violent Prosecutor”, saying, “It is a pure love story that depicts special emotions”.

Actor GANG DONG WON who never fears of falling down and hurting himself, just like stake boarders who are never afraid of falling down. You can check his photos, as well as stories about “Hidden Time” that will be released soon and his another movie “Master” in which he acts with Lee Byung-heon and Kim Woo-bin, in the May issue of “Elle” magazine and on its official website (www.elle.co.kr).