China will immortalise Korean actor Park Hae Jin by putting his face on stamps


    Park Hae Jin has the honour of becoming the first Korean actor to get his face printed on Chinese stamps and calling cards.

    According to a Chinese media outlet, these ‘Park Hae Jin stamps’ will be initially launched as a limited set of 100 and then be launched as regular stamps in all regions. Subsequent the launching of the stamps, ‘Park Hae Jin calling cards’ will soon follow suit. The products have already passed the review phase and will be released in the beginning of May.

    The stamps are part of a joint effort by China’s Ministry of Communication and China Post to pay homage to the 100 most influential figures in Chinese culture.

    Park may be the first Korean actor to obtain the honour, but K-pop boyband Super Junior-M were the first celebs from the country to get their own Chinese stamp set in 2008