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Lee Minji, Red Velvet’s Irene, Lee Jiyeon casted for web drama ‘The Female Employees of the Game Company’


Actress Lee Minji, Lee Jiyeon, and Red Velvet‘s Irene have been casted for the webdrama of a remake of the popular webtoon ‘The Female Employees of the Game Company‘.

The Female Employees of the Game Company‘ is about the female employees who work at a mobile game company and their stories. It’s already the 7th year of preparing the game, but the girls have grown an affection to the games like it’s their children. The webdrama revolves around the lifestyle and the romance of the female employees.

Lee Minji is playing the weird, 4D graphic designer Mashmell. She is famous for ‘acting ugly’ in the drama Reply 1988 as Jang Miok.

Red Velvet‘s Irene, who is the recent trend, is acting for the first time. She will be playing the character of Areum, who has unexpected charms. She is a sensitive yet strong programmer who says everything she needs to.

Lee Jiyeon, who starred in ‘Glory Day‘, ‘Island‘, the people who disappeared’, ‘Madonna‘, etc. as both the main and side characters, will be playing a veteran employee who has been preparing the game for 7 years. She has an outstanding career and will be showing the end of girl crush.

On the otherhand, Jang Dongyoon, Lee Jooyoung, Jung Seunggil, Lee Chaeeun, Lee Myungha, etc. have also been casted. It will be airing soon.