The Makeup of ‘Spring Goddess’, Victoria – Song Ji Hyo – Song Hye Kyo


    [by Jung Yoo Jin/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu|bntnews] All the beautiful flowers are blooming in spring, which give off a bright vibe in April. It is no exaggeration to say that spring is the prettiest season among the four.

    Following the change of seasons, celebrities flaunt splendid and tasteful makeup at official events. In particular, Victoria, Song Ji Hyo and Song Hye Kyo who are popular in both Korea and overseas grabbed attention with their lovely makeup that matched their nickname ‘Spring Goddess’.

    Tips to do celebrity-like delicate makeup in spring will be introduced.

    ■ Base Makeup


    As the thicker the base makeup is, the easier it gets smeared, it is better to keep your base makeup as light as possible. To present a translucent skin, you can only put on a thin layer of base or foundation and so, it is vital to keep your skin clear and hydrated.

    Do moisturizing skincare regularly to thoroughly hydrate your skin before doing base makeup. Applying highly moisturizing base products can correct your skin tone to get clear and glowing skin even without covering blemishes.

    When applying base products, your makeup might get caked easily. Therefore, it is recommended that you should apply small dots of it evenly on face and use your fingers to dab it to complete natural makeup that highlights an elastic and translucent skin.

    ■ Cheek Makeup


    Focus on cheek makeup if you want to make an energetic and lively impression. Blush is the best beauty item to present flushed cheeks for you to give off dynamic charms like that of a teen girl. Check whether you have a warm or cool skin tone and select a pink or coral blush accordingly.

    Lightly use a brush to put it on from the temples to the cheekbones in horizontal direction. Instead of applying it directly on your cheeks, it is better to knock off the excess by applying it on your hands or shaking the brush first. Smiling slightly when applying helps you get natural cheek makeup.

    ■ Lip Makeup


    Even if you have finished doing eyeshadow, eyebrows, blush and base, your makeup is not yet completed without lip makeup. Gradient lips that go well with translucent skin are great for a natural finish.

    Use a lip balm to build a moisture layer on the lips and then apply matte lip products such as tint or lip lacquer on the center of the lips. Put on a lipstick on the outer part and a transparent or nude lip gloss from the inner part for a natural ombre effect.



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