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[NB] f(x) Amber tweets, “A girl can be who she wants”


“So, when are u gunna be a girl?”
Umm… I am a girl.
A girl can be who she wants. Im just saying. Lets be a lil more open minded here.
You cant ignore discrimination, you need to fix it.

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+1,108, -14] Let her live the way she wants, why are others making a fuss over it?

2. [+784, -11] She’s right, no one has the right to make her do anything. Amber jjang.

3. [+657, -14] Leave her alone, what did she ever do to you?

4. [+627, -10] I used to have a boyish style too and everyone would always ask me when I was going to grow my hair out so I ignored them and lived the way I wanted and am finally growing it out now that I actually want to.

5. [+524, -15] She’s a girl ㅠㅠ she’s so thin and cute, pretty, cool in real life… So many people demand Amber to be more feminine but I hope she doesn’t change for them. I just don’t want her getting hurt over any of this ㅠㅠ Her mentality is cool enough as it is

6. [+89, -5] Don’t force your bias on her, what does it even mean to be ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’?

7. [+71, -2] I used to think it was just a concept put on her by her agency but I actually think it’s cool that her agency respects her personal style no matter how non-mainstream it is~

8. [+66, -2] Yeah, just let people do what they want. So what if a man grows his hair out, wears eye make up, and paints his nails? So what if a woman cuts her hair short and acts more outgoing and loud? Just mind your own business