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[NB] Script writer Kim Eun Sook & Gong Yoo’s upcoming drama to be titled “Mister Sunshine”


Article: [Exclusive] Kim Eun Sook x Gong Yoo’s new drama will be named ‘Mister Sunshine’

Source: E-Daily via Naver

1. [+3,051, -203] I’ll admit her dramas are honestly third rate… just a copy of a bunch of nineties Hollywood works, but she has a knack for making male leads sound so charming with their lines! She’s a scriptwriter who writes for high viewer ratings…

2. [+2,665, -85] Her plots are lacking but her lines are the best. She brings all her male leads to life… there’s not one character that she puts to waste.

3. [+1,534, -82] I was so upset that he hasn’t been in a drama since ‘Big’, I put all my trust in Kim scriptwriter-nim ㅠㅠ

4. [+877, -31] She’s really hard at work lately, isn’t she

5. [+236, -9] We just need a good female lead for it to be successful… Gong Yoo will flop with her if they pick someone bad..

6. [+230, -12] Other than her plot skills and stuff, Kim Eun Sook is so good at knowing what female viewers want to see. She knows exactly what makes our hearts flutter and she turns all her male leads in gods.

7. [+206, -14] Please pick a good female lead!! Not just a pretty face or an idol!!

8. [+169, -15] Wow, just took a look at Kim Eun Sook’s drama history and she’s just a god of viewer ratings. Lots of cringeworthy dramas but all her male leads serve crazy fantasies for female viewers.