Steal ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won′s Refreshing Spring Looks


    The recent KBS drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ was a megahit thanks to its interesting story. Actresses Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won’s impeccable appearance also played a huge part in drawing people’s attention.

    Regardless of dramas’ genre, the lead actresses such as Kang So Ra from ‘My Lawyer Mr. Jo’ and Lim Ji Yeon from ‘Jackpot’ shine their beauty in the screen. The secret to their beauty must be their flawless skin as well as defined facial features.

    From old times, clean skin has been an important factor to win positive impression from others. What can you do to get clear complexion without visiting clinics or aestheticians?

    For those women who would like to make their skin clear and refreshing like the spring weather, Korean skin care brand KICHO introduced some home care methods.

    No. 1 Establish Right Habits


    Skin condition depends on the bodily health. Therefore, you need to stay fit in general to keep your skin supple and clean.

    The best habit for your skin condition is drinking lots of water. Frequent water intake prevents body fluid level from dropping low. Sufficient amount of sleep ? typically more than six hours a day ? and plant-based diet are also helpful to keep your skin strong.

    No. 2 Conduct Proper Skin Care


    Making perfect skin does not always require complicated skin care routine. People often fail to keep up with complex skin care, so it is best to keep it simple but effective.

    The two keywords of daily skin care are cleansing and nourishing. Wash your face with a mild cleanser that does not irritate your skin and nourish your skin with one or two products.


    01 Cleansing: To minimize skin irritation, use foaming cleanser made from natural surfactant with a pore cleansing brush. Soak wet your brush first and then apply foams on it before massaging your skin in a gentle circular motion.

    02 Nourishing: After you washed your face, apply a thin layer of light-textured moisturizing cream that provides complex nutrients such as sheep oil cream. For a more thorough skin care, put on an additional layer of sleeping pack before going to bed.

    No. 3 Keep Your Makeup Light-Weight


    It is never a good idea to wear heavy makeup if you want to make your skin look flawless. Leave it as simple as possible with thin layer of coverage just enough to enhance your skin tone.

    CC cream has combined effect of skin care and makeup. It is the perfect item for light coverage. Building up layers of different makeup product is unnecessary with this product. Moreover, it creates natural glimmer on the face.


    01 KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser More than 90 percent of this foaming cleanser is made from plant-originated ingredients. It used natural surfactant to prevent skin irritation.

    02 KICHO Bubble Pore Brush Ultra-thin microfibers as thin as 0.05 millimeters remove impurities deep inside the pores and exfoliate skin.

    03 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM Its feather-light formula made with natural lanolin extracted from lamb’s wool and nutrients from eight type of berries provides moisturizing, nourishing, whitening, anti-aging effects without skin irritation.

    04 KICHO CAMELIA SLEEPING PACK This sleeping mask contains camellia oil, black ginseng, rose water and lanolin which soothe and hydrate skin and prevent aging.

    05 KICHO Complete Correction Cream This CC cream is made to fight against various skin problems such as wrinkles and darkening. It also provides sun protection and light coverage for better complexion. This multi-functional product is perfect for light-weight and bright skin makeup.

    [Translated by Kim Young Shin]