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#Shinhwa′s Eric Shows His Abs


TvN has released a shower scene photo of Eric from the upcoming drama Another Miss Oh and women are loving it.

Eric will unveil his attractive acting skills through his main role as Park Do Kyung for the new drama Another Miss Oh, which will air beginning May 2.

The new tvN drama Another Miss Oh will tell the romance story between Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin), whose life gets tangled because Oh Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin) a woman with the same name, and a man who can look into the near future, Park Do Kyung (Eric). The drama is attracting attention before its release for its lovely charm and unique elements of two women sharing the same name and a man with the skill to look into the future.

Eric’s photo, which was released by the production team before the first episode airs, features his six pack and is hard to look away from. In the photo, Eric has just finished a shower and only one towel is covering him. Another photo shows Eric’s serious side as he holds a thinking position.

Park Do Kyung, the main character in Another Miss Oh, is a leading movie sound director in South Korea. His looks and skills are perfect but he is seen as a bad person by men and unapproachable by women because of his sensitive and tough personality. His fiancé, Oh Hae Young, left him for no reason and he hasn’t given his heart to any woman since. At one point, he begins to see into the future of someone with the same name as his ex- fiancé and a romance begins.

The main producer of Another Miss Oh, Lee Sang Hwi, stated, “In the drama, Seo Hyun Jin rents a room from Eric and they begin living together. Viewers will be able to see a variety of Eric’s acting charm through the strange situations that go on within the walls of the house.”

The first episode of Another Miss Oh, where Eric will capture the hearts of women with his acting skills and looks, will air on May 2 at 11 PM KST.