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#GFriend to remake 2000s hit song ‘Pado’


Girl group GFriend has collaborated with American Tourister Korea to recreate a music video for the 2001 hit song Pado by male duo UN.

On April 29, the teaser video featuring short clips from the music video was shared on American Tourister Korea’s SNS channel.

Pado is a summer classic and the members of GFriend have recreated their version on the song in time for the summer season. GFriend is the perfect fit for the upbeat and cheerful song and the timing of the release is perfect as well. The theme for the music video is ‘summer healing’ and the setting is the open skies and beautiful beaches of Jeju Island. GFriend is seen is their summery attire and look ready to travel the seas.

Expectations are especially high as Zanybros, who produced videos for top Korean groups Super Junior, EXO and Girls’ Generation, has directed the music video.

Meanwhile, GFriend’s full music video of Pado will be released on Monday, May 2.