Home News #iKON’s Bobby under fire for supposedly stealing the lyrics for “Anthem”

#iKON’s Bobby under fire for supposedly stealing the lyrics for “Anthem”


iKON‘s Bobby has fallen out of K-netizens’ favor again, this time for supposedly stealing the lyrics for “Anthem” from rapper JTONG‘s song “Gaepan.”

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A netizen shared a screen capture, making a side-by-side comparison of the lyrics from both songs, and writing, “They seem too similar????? This is really bad…I wonder how fans are going to defend him.” 

JTONG’s lyrics go: 

“JTONG, hot is how I make the rhythm

It feels like every living organism is dancing

Focus, I feel alive in this very moment

Don’t stop JTONG, go get ’em.”  

Meanwhile, Bobby’s rap in “Anthem” go:

Focus, we’re alive in this moment

We’re out to fix everyone’s faulty rhythm

Hearts thumping, it feels like everybody is dancing

Fifth generation YG, we gon go get ’em.”

The netizen added as an afterthought, “I can’t believe how y’all are defending him. You’re asking how it’s plagiarism just because the words are the same? There are more than just one or two words that are the same; he just switched around the words a bit but they’re exactly the same. Especially that last line, he completely stole it. But it’s not just the words that are similar; the songs have the same feel. The rhythm is the same and it really looks like he copied the song.”