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American major medias compliment #BTS


America’s major press highlighted Bangtan Boys (BTS)’s new song ‘FIRE’.

On May 2 (local time), Fuse TV introduced BTS’s ‘FIRE’ as, “BTS Returns with straight ‘FIRE’: watch their most intense release yet. BTS spent a best year in 2015 as it successfully named on Billboard’s TOP200 and continuously working on it with 2016’s first album.”

In particular, the media complimented ‘FIRE’ as the group can show its rapping skills the most and its choreography is also the most dynamic and difficult dance ever. The choreography like whipping and slow motion dance reminding ‘Matrix’ are highlighting according to the media.

Moreover, Inquisitir reported that ‘FIRE’ music video topped on iTunes Music Video Total Chart and the group’s special album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever’ was sold 100,000 in three days.

Regarding this, the media said, “BTS beat many artists in America and Europe only with its ability, so it is a great achievement that it made so far.”

Meanwhile, BTS will hold ‘2016 BTS LIVE ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life on stage : epilogue’’ at Gymnastic Arena of Olympic Park in Seoul on May 7-8.