Catch up with fashion styles of Vivian, Son Na Eun and Hyuna to captivate a man


    The fashion styles of the teen girls make the hearts of men flutter. Take a look at three teen girl styles that are pretty from all angles. They are the popular model Vivian, Son Na Eun of Apink who are always lovely and Hyuna of 4minute who gives off irreplaceable charms.

    Check out their styles if you are going to have a date with your crush or if you are thinking about what to wear for a weekend date with your boyfriend.

    Take the three styles of Vivian, Son Na Eun and Hyuna as references. What are the fashion points of them that fit the warm spring vibe?

    >>> Model Vivian


    Vivian’s outfit is a perfect choice if you want to show off your feminine and lovely charms to your crush.

    Vivian appeared at the fashion week last time. She wore a knee-length white one piece and a blue outer and matched them with white socks and mustard heeled sandals.

    Try matching a sleek denim slip dress with a short sukajan that reveals your silhouette. A pastel-toned silky sukajan is just right for an elegant look. Choosing one of a splendid design is also recommended.

    >>> Apink’s Son Na Eun


    If you want to channel a lovely vibe sometimes, a feminine one piece is recommended.

    Son Na Eun donned a blue striped one piece and a white cardigan. She wore pink makeup that matched the outfit to present a lovely image. Her pink socks and white sandals further completed a lively style.

    >>> 4minute’s Hyuna


    Hyuna flaunted a pure yet sexy style.

    She showed up at the airport for overseas schedule wearing a white t-shirt and a mini slip one piece. Her see-through socks and sandals added a point to her outfit. With a pair of white frame sunglasses and a cute patterned mini bad, a great airport style was completed.

    When choosing simple items, it is good to add a point with socks, shoes or a bag. Instead of basic socks, Hyuna picked see-through socks that give off a seductive vibe quietly and matched them with black sandals, showing her fashion sense that grabbed people’s attention.

    [by Oh Ara/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu]