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‘Radio Star’ Park Jin Young: “I know about Min Hyo Rin & BIGBANG Taeyang since beginning”


Min Hyo Rin admitted that she was quite surprised when news articles first publicized her relationship with Taeyang, despite claiming to know that the articles on her relationship would be published. She spilled to the MC panel, “I was surprised when I saw the articles. At the time, [Taeyang and I] met quite often. We split up once but reconnected and it was at that time the pictures [of us] were published. I actually had an inkling that the articles would go out the day before they came out.

Park Jin Young added his two cents, saying, “After the articles were out, I spoke with Yang Hyun Suk on the phone. Since [Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin] were meeting well, we decided to publicly acknowledge their relationship. When relationship rumors start, companies talk amongst themselves. It would have been disappointing if we acknowledged [the relationship] but the other party didn’t.”

When the MCs questioned him how long he’s known about Min Hyo Rin and Taeyang’s relationship, Park Jin Young responded, “There are no secrets between us. I knew since the very beginning.” Naturally, the MCs were curious about whether Yang Hyun Suk also knew about the relationship from the start. Min Hyo Rin answered vaguely, “From what I understand, he knew about [the relationship].