Enjoy Kim Ji Won, Nana and Seolhyun’s style in Spring!


    [by Oh Ara/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] By simply choosing a right outer, a trendy style can be pulled off. Different outer looks can be presented depending on how you style it.

    Trench coat and leather jacket are the most commonly worn outer in spring. In particular, sukajan is on point this season. The weather is becoming hotter and hotter that you might want to take off your outer. However, if you still want to have a spring look, let’s try out the outer style.

    Take a look at diverse outer styles through actress Kim Ji Won, Nana of After School and Seolhyun of AOA.

    >>> Actress Kim Ji Won


    No other outer does better than a trench coat during this time. Instead of super long one, knee-length one is a better choice. Sharp colored one that makes your face look bright is recommended.

    Actress Kim Ji Won who has a pure and pretty appearance showed up at the airport in early morning for overseas schedule. She wore a white shirt, skinny jeans, white stiletto heels and a sky blue jacket.

    >>> Nana of After School


    Jumper is a versatile piece for spring that can help flaunt a casual and boyish mood.

    A splendid patterned jumper or a colorful patched one can add a point to your outfit. It goes well with denim items and gives off a lively vibe when it is matched with a one piece.

    Nana’s airport fashion of a sukajan style was eye-catching. She presented a fashionable look even without particular styling.

    >>> Seolhyun of AOA


    If you always wear leather jacket with denim pants, try pairing it with a white lace one piece to complete a feminine style.

    Matching it with mini dress can complete an informal look. Wear it with loafers and sneakers to present a casual outfit. Although sharp colors or patterns are great, a fresh vibe is needed for spring. Don a striped shirt, white wide pants and a leather jacket to complete a refined office look.