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#IOI under fire for arriving more than an hour late to an event + YMC Entertainment’s official statement


Another controversy has stirred up about IOI, this time about their extreme tardiness.

On May 12, IOI was scheduled to perform at Sejong University at 10 PM. The group was originally planned to kick off the event as the first act. However, IOI arrived more than 1 hour and 30 minutes late, changes in the stage order. As a result, senior group Epik High performed first before the rookie group.

Around 1,000 people attended the event to see the girl group’s first university performance. According to reports, the reason they were tardy was due to their variety show recording for JTBC’s ‘Late Marriage’, which ended around 10 PM.

Angry netizens targeted IOI and YMC Entertainment with comments that said, “Isn’t Epik High like extremely sunbae to them? There are 11 of them so it must take longer for them to get ready… Should’ve hurried a bit more.. I think their label has a lot of problems”, “If 1000 people waited 1 hr and 30 mins then its like wasting 1500 hours total. They should give them a refund”, “There’s a reason the manager yelled at them”, etc.


On May 13, YMC Entertainment stated, “The arrival time that the event coordinator asked of us was 10:30 PM KST. IOI arrived at the site earlier than this given time, and went on stage after accepting the coordinators’ requests to host a photo time with the university students.”

The coordinators of the event also added on the matter, “If IOI had been late, we would have filed a report ourselves. They were not tardy, and because there was a delay in the process of preparing for the stage due to the large number of members, Epik High took to the stage first after agreement between the two teams.”