Home News #Niel’s fansites close after spotting him & ‘girlfriend’ at airport

#Niel’s fansites close after spotting him & ‘girlfriend’ at airport


A few days ago, fans spotted Niel vacationing with fellow Teen Top member Chunji, a male friend, and his alleged girlfriend. Fans claimed that the girlfriend has even confirmed the female in the fan-taken photos to be her through her Instagram.

According to Teen Top fans, or Angels, they found out about his supposed girlfriend back in 2015. However, Niel denied fans’ claims in 2015, after which the fans quieted down and put the subject to rest for a while.

But a few days back, Niel was spotted vacationing with the same female that was involved in his dating rumor last year, after which fans were forced to believe that Niel had lied to them. The majority of Angels and Niel’s individual fans expressed anger not toward the fact that Niel was dating, but that he had lied to them. According to fan reports, the supposed girlfriend is 10 years older than Niel, and a non-celebrity from a wealthy family.

Miscommunications between fans and Teen Top’s dating rumors forced all of the members to close down their SNS accounts in 2015. This most recent incident, also exposed through SNS, seems to have been the last draw for many Angels.

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In the screen captures below, you can see that numerous fan pages have posted “permanently closed” or “rest” notices.

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