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#NUEST fans all over the world have gathered together to protest unfair treatment against the group


L.O.Λ.E have been dissatisfied for a while with the lack of attention NU’EST has been getting from Pledis Entertainment. According to fans, NU’EST has always received the short end of the stick on all matters.

Some of the problems mentioned are:

  • Lack of prior announcement on official schedules

The boys’ schedules were uploaded late, meaning they attended schedules that fans did not know about. As a result, fans could not go to events that NU’EST participated in. Even when a weekly schedule was uploaded, many official performances were left out. Also, schedules were planned overlapping each other, meaning one had to be cancelled, and fans were not told which one. Sometimes, events that were cancelled were uploaded.

  • Album promotions
NU’EST promotions were cut off shortly, with the boys heading to overseas concerts in the middle of album promotions in Korea. Not only so, the boys often took the subways and buses to promotions because they did not have a manager present. During “Good Bye Bye” promotions (first full album), JR and Ren were summoned to Japan by their label there, meaning the three left in Korea could not go onto music shows without them. Even when they came back, they lacked the music show points because they were absent for promotions, and could not perform on music shows even though it was their first full album promotions
  • Excessive promotions in Japan + other countries, almost none in Korea
Many fans are also unhappy with NU’EST promoting almost exclusively in Japan even though they are a Korean group. During their 1 year and 7 month hiatus in Korea, NU’EST had 3 concerts and 3 albums in Japan. Because they are so focused in Japan, it is hard for NU’EST to have Korean promotions as they cannot cancel their pre-determined Japanese promotions.
  • Lack of protection for the members’ personal rights


All the above photos are pictures NU’EST members took with Japanese fans during the selca event. Fans requested a lot of personal photos that involved lots of touching especially on the face (squeezing members’ faces, poking their cheek, pressing their faces together). The members themselves cannot refuse the poses even though fans are not supposed to touch the members, but staff should have stopped fans from poses that were too intimate. However, no staff did this during this event.


In another Japanese event, the members stood in front of a wall separated from fans by a small fence. The event was that the fans just got to look at the members and take photos with them like they were mannequins.

According to fans, other infringement of personal rights included the members being forbidden to speak Korean during Japanese promotions (doing so would end in a lawsuit). When Baekho‘s father was hospitalized, Baekho was forbidden to even mention it because it would ‘bring down the mood’ of the event. Additionally, the boys were often forced to stay overtime for events because they did not have a time limit, and had little break throughout the event.

The boys often appear to fansigning and other official events without their hair and makeup done for them, and also dress themselves instead of having a stylist. They are often forced to work outside in severe weather conditions (in the cold, rain, or heat). Fans claim that NU’EST members often handle promotions overseas without a manager and take taxis to events. The members are also not taken care of when they are sick, and are forced to handle events hours after they are hospitalized.
  • Lack of care on official sites

NU’EST’s fancafe has not been updated since 2014, and the group has had no official goods since 2013. The official page has not been updated since February 2015, and portal sites only list the boys’ activities up to 2014.