Home News #GOT7’s #Jackson proves that he is truly a global star!

#GOT7’s #Jackson proves that he is truly a global star!


GOT7 member Jackson is proving that he is truly a global star with his variety skills being acknowledged in China!

The boy group member is currently the MC for HunanTV’s variety program “Sunday Is Tasty” in China and is being praised for his gentle mannerisms towards female guests as well as his impressive variety skills on the show.

On the May 15 episode of “Sunday Is Tasty,” Ruby Lin, who gained popularity through the hit drama “My Fair Princess” in 1998, was the guest and Jacksonmade sure to give particular care to the talented actress, helping her with cooking and even acting as her substitute for the punishment missions.

During one such mission, as a punishment for losing, Jackson did not hesitate at all as he ate rotten tofu, receiving applause from the staff members for his diligence and admirable work ethic.

Meanwhile, GOT7 is scheduled to meet with their Chinese fans for a performance in Guangzhou on June 18.