YG Entertainment reportedly gearing up for debut of new girl group in July


    According to OSEN News on May 17, Yang Hyun Suk is working on the label’s brand new girl group. According to reports, the CEO met up with various MV directors recently, including those who worked on Big Bang, iKON, and more, to discuss their availability to film a new girl group MV.

    The rumors surrounding YG’s new girl group are not new. In fact, the girl group trainees were revealed on YG’s official blog back in 2012, and Yang Hyun Suk talked about the group in 2013. Specific details about the group members, concepts, etc. are still unknown, but hopes for the group’s debut have started up again with the recent report.

    However, soon after the reports on May 17, YG announced, “It is true girl group trainees are consistently recording and practicing, however, their specific debut date has yet to be decided.”