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Jessica reminisces about Park Myung Soo’s ‘Naengmyeon’


Jessica has credited her track Naengmyeon, created with Park Myung Soo, for initially getting her name known.

On May 19, Jessica appeared on Park Myung Soo’s radio show as a guest and the pair reminisced about their days promoting Naengmyeon together.Naengmyeon, which was released in 2009, was a duet between Park Myung Soo and Jessica that gained huge popularity and even won a 2009 Melon Music Award.

During Jessica’s radio appearance, Park Myung Soo asked in regards to the track, “You can be honest now. Did you not want to do it at the time?” In response, Jessica answered, “At the time, I did it without knowing anything. It’s not that I didn’t want to do it. But I did ask myself, ‘Why me? Did he really select me?’ If I think about it now, the track that got my name out there was ‘Naengmyeon.’”

After the appearance, Jessica also shared a thoughtful selfie with Park Myung Soo on her Instagram. She included the message, “I finally saw Myung Soo oppa after a long time. I had memories from the past and it was so much fun! Let’s meet again in the winter with udon.”

Meanwhile, Jessica is actively promoting her first solo album With Love, J.