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Kim Go Eun lived in China for 10 years: “It was hard for me to adapt life in Korea”


Kim Go Eun got chatty on the May 19 airing of ‘Happy Together,’ broaching many different topics about herself and her career.

During the chat session, the actress revealed that she lived in China for nearly ten years, saying, “I went to China when I was four and returned to Korea at fourteen. I lived at a place that was an hour and thirty minutes from Beijing, and the only foreigners [in that area] was our family.” Kim Go Eun even showed off her fluent Chinese, conversing effortlessly in Chinese with Jun Hyun Moo!

The actress also talked about her pastime hobbies, which turned out to be a bit unusual. She said, “I don’t have any fear of heights. I don’t really get stressed but when I’m feeling upset, I go up to the top of the building. I enjoy skydiving and bungee jumping.”