Steal Hyomin-Jung Eun Ji-Suzy’s style from film preview events


    Celebrities that visit film previews attract the public with their fabulous style.

    Their looks seem special but, at the same time, doable. If you spend your time everyday choosing what clothes and makeup to wear, take them as your guide.

    Here are the ways to apply celebrities fashion and makeup to your daily style.

    Stars’ Fashion Spotted at Film Previews

    The general trend of celebrities at the preview events is to appear natural. Feminine and unpretentious normcore is the most popular style among them. If you do not have a clue on who to match your clothes, look at how Tiara Hyomin, Lee Sung Kyung, Apink Jung Eun Ji used their outer wear to highlight their style. They got dressed with basic inner wear and spiced up their looks with trench coat, field jacket or cardigan.

    If you want to emphasize your feminine charms, try the style of Ha Yeon Soo, Tiara Qri and Park Bo Young. Bustier dress is one of the most popular womanly items because it is affordable and comfortable. When you are wearing bustier, keep your inner wear simple like Qri and Ha Yeon Soo.

    Park Bo Young’s style with the combination of a shirt and skirt is also good. A flimsy patterned-shirt and medium-length skirt is a nice match. It is also okay for an office wear as it creates feminine and formal image.

    Stars’ Makeup Spotted at Film Previews

    At preview events, some common factors in celebrities’ makeup were visible. They paid attention to make their skin bright, glossy and flawless. Their neatly trimmed eyebrows and wore light eye makeup to ameliorate their charms.

    Last but not least, their lip makeups highlight their looks. With different pink and red colors, they added vitalizing finish to their makeup.

    TIP. Catch up with Celebrities Makeup at Movie Preview Events

    STEP 1 Base Makeup

    Thorough skin care can make your skin naturally glow without artificial looks. A moisturizing cream like sheep oil cream can create moisture barrier on skin that nourishes skin before makeup. This allows sheer and light coverage.

    Apply liquid foundation by dabbing the whole face with a sponge. If your skin is particularly dry, mix your foundation with a small amount of moisturizer. For a more glossy finish, lightly put on highlighter on the apple-zone, C-zone and T-zone.

    STEP 2 Eye Makeup

    The core of eye makeup is not the bold eye lines but neatly shaped eye brows. Trim your eyebrows using razor, tweezers and scissors. Then, fill up the empty parts with eyebrow gel or pencil for a tidy look.

    Apply eye shadows with neutral colors such as beige and pink as a base and tightline your eyes with pencil eyeliner. The artificial look of bold wings only ruins the style, so beware. Make sure to use waterproof product so your eye area stay clean even after long hours.

    STEP 3 Lip Makeup

    What completes a makeup is to vitalize the look with lip colors. Figure out the most suitable lip color considering your style of the day. The point is to coat your lips with glossy product so that it matches the base makeup.

    Using a glossy item, create a natural gradation from the center of the lips to the outer edge. If you only have matte lipsticks, lightly coat the center part of the lips with lip gloss for the shiny look.