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[Styling Tips] Show Off Your Shoulders this Season!


[by Oh Ara/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] You should unveil your shoulders this season. Many off-the-shoulder tops that show one’s neckline and collarbone instead of legs have been released recently.

Off-the-shoulder clothes pull off a bold yet lovely look. It is an item that cannot be missed out in S/S season to channel a refreshing vibe.

Trend comes and leaves quickly. When it comes to fashion trends, the changing speed is even faster. You need to be on-point—not too slow or too fast. Let’s enjoy the latest trend. Diverse off-the-shoulder styles will be introduced.


A slew of off-the-shoulder looks have been showcased in different collections.

The off-the-shoulder one piece of Paul & Joe channels a romantic and fresh mood. The frill and ruffle details are lovely. Frill and ruffle details are also two trendy elements this season apart from off-shoulder style. Mixing them all together will make a great piece.

If fully unveiling your shoulders makes you feel uncomfortable, you can try off-the-shoulder slip one piece that highlights the shape of your shoulders. One that has frill or ruffle details on the chest part can help present your voluptuous body.

Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation wore a romantic floral off-the-shoulder dress. She matched it with a lovely hairstyle and pink makeup to maximize the effect.

Jessi completed a bold style by matching an off-the-shoulder blouse with denim pants. Her red heels added a color point to her look. For Tiffany, she donned a long dress that unveiled her shoulders to accentuate her elegance.


Colored and patterned off-the-shoulder dress can add a point to your look. You can accessorize it with different items. For vacation, off-the-shoulder dress is just right. Choose a bright colored one to make a lively and youthful impression.

If you have chosen a splendid colored off-the-shoulder blouse or shirt, pick a simple skirt or pants. The easiest way is to match it with denim items. Try matching denim with off-the-shoulder clothes!