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‘Beauty Note’ celebrity premiere fashion: Lee Ju Yeon, Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Bora


[by Oh Ara/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Diverse premiere styles of celebrities are always the hot topics of the public. Apart from movie, observing the fashion looks of celebrities at premiere is also an interesting thing.

Many celebrities attended the movie premiere of ‘Canola’ and the styles of three actresses have captured attention. They are actress Lee Ju Yeon who looks good in all clothes, Lee Sung Kyung who is always pretty and the feminine actress Nam Bora.

What are the points of their attention-grabbing styles?

>>> Lee Ju Yeon


Actress Lee Ju Yeon flaunted her pretty appearance at the premiere. Her style grabbed people’s attention. She matched a white shirt that has wide-cuffed sleeves with denim pants and a silk slip.

It is no exaggeration to say that she put all trendy items on. Instead of bold colors, she pulled off a simple yet refined style with the color black and white, showing her fashion sense.

Take Lee Ju Yeon’s style as a reference if you want to have a simple and fashionable layered look with a slip dress.

>> Lee Sung Kyung


Lee Sung Kyung who is a model and a singer always creates issues with her styles. She channeled a casual style at the premiere.

She wore a basic grey shirt, black jeans and a short jacket. Her outfit was casual but she accentuated her femininity by rounding off her look with accessories.

Although it is important to have a trendy look at premiere, one needs to be comfortable when watching movie. Lee Sung Kyung was able to maintain a balance between both.

>> Nam Bora


Nam Bora has become prettier and more feminine.

She showcased a comfortable striped suit style. She wore a white shirt and matched it with lightweight striped suit pants and jacket. This spring suit style highlighted her mannish charm.

Her orange heeled sandals made her body shape stand out. Moreover, the combination of the color blue and orange pulled off lively and feminine vibes at the same time.