What is the secret of #TaeTiSeo to become the hottest group? Irreplaceable friendship in the World


    [by Shin Hyun Jung/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] The friendship of TaeTiSeo which is the number one unit of SM Entertainment has become a new issue.

    The daily lives of Tiffany who is holding her solo activities, Seohyun who is now starring in a musical and Taeyeon who went to support Seohyun has been unveiled. They show great teamwork on stage and their friendship in real life has been proved.

    Let’s check out the driving force of the top girl group through their photos taken in daily lives.

    ▶ Tiffany-Taeyeon, Friendship of the Two Same-aged Friends


    Taeyeon uploaded a photo with the tag ‘Our pink lady try your best in the first program!’ on her Instagram.

    Taeyeon showed her support to Tiffany who has started her first solo activity with the title song ‘I Just Wanna Dance’. In the photo, both of them wear pink clothes, flaunting their sibling-like lovely relationship.

    They have unique characters but they go well together as they have been in the same group for so long. They look good in the photo making their fans feel warm.

    ▶ Seohyun-Taeyeon, Sibling-like Friendship


    Taeyeon showed her love to the youngest member, Seohyun. She supported Seohyun by uploading a photo of them with the tag ‘#Mama Mia is a musical to give you a good mood. #Sophie #Well done’ on her Instagram.

    While Taeyeon and Tiffany had a lovely photo, the one with Seohyun gives a heart-warming feeling. She helped promote the musical ‘Mama Mia’ where Seohyun plays a role as Sophie and wished the musical to be a great success, making their fans feel pleased.