Home News #4Minute’s #Hyuna dissuades a fan girl from dressing ‘too sexy’

#4Minute’s #Hyuna dissuades a fan girl from dressing ‘too sexy’


4Minute’s Hyuna made a special appearance on the TV show “Same Bed Different Dreams” on May 23rd and convinced a teenager fan to cover up a little when dressing.

The 19-year-old girl’s mother appeared on the show professing her concern for her daughter who “never wears anything that covers her navel.” The daughter had altered her uniform to make the skirt shorter and no matter where she goes, made sure that she was wearing a full set of makeup.

The parent said that she was afraid that her daughter came off shallow in the way she presented herself. Meanwhile, the daughter said that she was trying to emulate her idol HyunA, to overcome her shyness. This in turn led to the mum saying that she wasn’t a fan of the K-pop star.

“I feel bad for saying this but… there have been times when HyunA wore clothes that show her bottom.” HyunA came to the rescue though by saying that she wasn’t a fan of her own stage looks.

“You may or may not believe me but in my personal life I don’t enjoy revealing outfits.

The 4Minute star known for her risqué looks sided with the parent and said that she took “place and time” into consideration when dressing .  HyunA also said she never took up her hemline during her high school days.

After hearing what Hyuna had to say, the 19-year-old promised that she’d try to tone down her outfit choices in the future.