#VIXX Leo reportedly unwell & Ravi fainted on stage in Mexico + receiving emergency treatment


    VIXX’s upcoming schedules have been canceled for two members in light of recent events at the group’s Mexico concert.

    Members Leo and Ravi reportedly complained of being woozy and fainted onstage during a performance in Mexico. On May 23, VIXX’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment conveyed the news of Leo and Ravi’s conditions via a statement posted to the group’s fan café. The full statement reads as follows:

    “Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

    Many fans were worried after hearing the news that Leo and Ravi fainted onstage during a concert in Mexico today, so we will update you on the situation.

    The concert venue is in the highlands, and that combined with the heat inside the venue led the two members to complain of dizziness. It became clear that the two members could not continue their performance.

    In order to fulfill the promise between the members and the fans, the remaining four members will continue their performances to the best of their ability. Right now, Leo and Ravi are receiving emergency treatment from a medical team and are currently recovering. All of Leo and Ravi’s schedules are canceled, and the two will return to Korea to receive treatment at a hospital and rest.

    We deeply apologize for worrying the fans.”

    VIXX is due to have a fan meeting at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on June 19, although it’s unclear whether or not Ravi and Leo will be well enough to participate by then. Hopefully they both get well soon!