Why was #Jessica’s radio appearance on ‘Lee Guk-joo’s Youngstreet’ suddenly cancelled?


    There has been a conflict between Jessica‘s representatives and SBS as both parties have responded differently to the sudden cancellation of Jessica’s radio appearance on SBS PowerFM’s ‘Lee Guk-joo’s Youngstreet’.

    On Monday, May 23, SBS stated through MyDaily that the sudden cancellation of Jessica’s appearance was not one-sided. They stated that Jo Moon-geun Band was first invited and that they invited Jessica after. However, Jessica had once stated she wanted to appear as a lone guest when she was on ‘Park So-hyun’s Love Game’, so after discussing it with both parties they decided to have Jo Moon-geun Band as a lone guest and invite Jessica next time.

    However, Jessica’s agency (Coridel Entertainment) stated in an interview with OSEN that Jessica was confirmed to appear on the radio show last week. However, they received the cancellation notice through the producer last minute and did not know the exact reason for the cancellation. The rep from Coridel Entertainment also stated, “When she first received the invitation to appear on the radio show, the producers asked whether she wanted to appear as a solo guest. We responded that we were OK with appearing with other artists, in which we came to a conclusion of having her appear along with Jo Moon-geun Band.”

    Jessica’s reps claim they are dissatisfied with the way things turned out as Jessica’s fans had even prepared lunch boxes and stories for her to talk about on the show.

    Meanwhile, Jessica will continue with her promotions for her first solo album ‘Fly’.