#INFINITE’s #Hoya wins Rookie Actor of the Year award for ‘Hiya’ at the 36th Golden Film Festival


    Lee Ho Won (INFINITE’s Hoya) wins Rookie Actor of the Year award on his debut movie ‘Hiya’ at the 36th Golden Film Festival.

    He will have honor of award in Festival which will be held in Jeju on 27th-29th.

    ‘Hiya’ tells the story of Jin-Sang (Ahn Bo-Hyun) and his brother named Lee Jin-Ho (Hoya). Jin-Sang is a troublemaker in his family. He is suspected of fraud and murder, while Detective Choi (Park Chul-Min) is chasing after him. Jin-Sang always tries to get close to his younger brother, but Jin-Ho hates him. Jin-Ho is a high school student and dreams of becoming a singer, but he keeps failing his auditions. Jin-Sang then struggles to make his brother to become a singer.

    Golden Film Festival (“Hwanggeum-chwalyeong-sang”) launched in 1977 by the Korean Society of Cinematographers.