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Jin Goo to The Star: “KBS ‘Descendants’ is work that came to my life like a surprise gift”


During the interview following his summer photoshoot, Jin Goo talked about the hit drama, saying, “‘Descendants of the Sun‘ is like a surprise present in my life.” He then mentioned that the sex ratio of his fans has changed since he played Seo Dae Young.

Jin Goo continued , “I laughed for awhile when I heard they are selling my bookmarks at the school bookstores, but I know I won’t be maintaining this popularity like an idol star. I came all the way here without thinking much about popularity at all. I am satisfied enough to have new productions available to me, and I think that will allow me to act until I die.” He also said, “I want to become an actor who is a good person rather than an actor who can only act well.” 

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