A portion of #SuperJunior fans are demanding the removal of #Kangin from the group


    One ELF posted onto an online community on May 25 the “Statement Asking for the Removal of Kangin from Super Junior.”

    The statement first reads, “It is self-evident that there will be damage to the group promotions of Super Junior due to the criminal offense of Super Junior member Kangin, so in the belief that it is unfair for Kangin to continue promoting under the name of Super Junior, we relay our opinions through this statement,” then makes sure it is clear that this request is not from the whole fandom, rather by those of the fan gallery.

    The statement continues, “After the problem of Kangin not being present in the reserve forces after the hit-and-run DUI incident of 2009, he has yet again caused an issue. The repeated actions of Kangin could actually be injurious to Super Junior’s career, so we request that Kangin leave the group.”