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Famous female celebrity under investigation for prostitution


The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed on May 25 that the International Crime Investigation Squad had indicted a famous female celebrity (33) without physical detention and is investigating her for prostitution after receiving money from a man in return for sex.

She is being charged with meeting stock investor, Mr. Park (43), through a broker and engaging in sexual relations in return for an approximate sum of 10 million KRW (~ 8,000 USD). Mr. Park has a record of previously handing over 15 million KRW (~ 13,000 USD) to another female celebrity in return for sex for which he had been caught and fined.

The police relayed the testimony they got from Mr. Park, who had said, “I was introduced to [the female celebrity] through a broker and we engaged in solicited sex.” However, the celebrity claimed that she has indeed met Mr. Park, but they had not engaged in sex, denying all claims of prostitution.