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#Kangin’s blood alcohol level revealed to be much higher than average


According to information released by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) on May 25, Kangin’s blood alcohol level at the time he received his DUI was 0.157%, surpassing 0.1% which is the level that could get your driver’s license revoked.

Because the blood alcohol level calculated can be influenced by the amount of alcohol intake and the total time alcohol was consumed, authorities did not rule out the possibility that Kangin confessed his blood alcohol level to be lower than what it actually was.

Police plan to confirm just how much and for how long Kangin drank by interviewing his acquaintances and also questioning the restaurant employees. They also plan to check the exact amount of alcohol Kangin ordered while he was at the restaurant.

Should the witness accounts and Kangin’s confession clash, then the police are planning on summoning him once more for an investigation.

It was further reported that police will be pressing charges against Kangin for attempting to get away in addition to the charges of traffic laws violations and driving under the influence.