#BAP’s #Himchan assures fans he’s okay after his injury during a concert


    During their ‘Awake World Tour‘ performance in Melbourne, Australia on May 26, Himchan hurt his arm, causing his fans to understandably worry and flood his SNS with posts of “Feel better” and more.  During the concert, fans noted that he hadn’t appeared on stage again for the last few performances.  Finally, he came back up with a sling on his arm and revealed that he had gotten hurt.

    As fans still seemed concerned about his injury, Himchan proceeded to leave a message on Instagram with, “Something small happened at today’s concert, but it made a lot of people worry, so I’m sorry!  This happened because I unknowingly became so hyper! Haha that must be how happy and how much I enjoy seeing everybody and performing!! It’s no big deal, but thanks to everyone for worrying!  I love you, I’m sorry, and I thank you.”