#AOA ends promotions for “Good Luck”


    FNC Entertainment announced that AOA’s ‘Inkigayo‘ performance on May 29 was their final “Good Luck” promotional performance. The abrupt end to their short promotional period comes right after ‘Music Bank‘ took back AOA’s win on the 27th, but FNC denied that the two events were related.

    However, fans can’t help but wonder, as AOA came back just last week, and a two-week promotional period is quite abnormal. There are groups who have short promotional periods but they are usually announced beforehand. Also, groups usually have goodbye stages on music shows, which AOA didn’t have.

    However, AOA will have a live show for fans in June. FNC Entertainment said, “We were already planning a live performance for fans.” The girls will have a free live ‘AOA Mini Live [Good Luck to ELVIS]‘ that members of their official fanclub will have access to first on June 11 in lieu of their short promotional period.