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#Hyuna of #NineMuses isn’t afraid to tell off a fan trying to film up her skirt


Nine Muses was performing at Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts on the 25th, and Hyuna didn’t hesitate in telling a pervert off in front of everyone else!

The girls performed various songs for the students of the institute. However, during “Ticket“, Hyuna noticed that one of the audience members was trying to film up her skirt! As soon as her part was over, she came to the back and glared at the person, and told the other members around her (check 1:45 in the video above). She can be seen mouthing, “밑에서 찍는다고 치마를,” or, “(He/She) is filming our skirts from below.

Not only that, after the song, she went up to them and told them to stop, bringing their shameful deed to light in front of every one else. (11:17 in video below)

It’s not every day you get to see a female idol group member stand up for herself like a boss, so this is definitely refreshing to see. You go, girl!