‘Music Bank’ called to get rid of its ranking system


    Music Bank‘ is choosing to stay silent on accusations that AOA‘s win on the show was undeserved, but the criticism is not dying down.

    To summarize, despite Jessica‘s album selling nearly double that of AOA’s, the aggregate score between the artists came down to a mere 300-point difference. Jessica’s points totaled 1,900 while AOA’s points totaled 1,600. Meanwhile, MONSTA X, who came very close to AOA’s album sales, scored 700 points below AOA. Some are claiming AOA should have gotten 1,060 instead of 1,600 points for the album sales, and that TWICE should have won instead.

    With ‘Music Bank’ staying completely quiet despite accusations, many are just calling for the ranking system to be taken away since this is not the first time the ranking system had been brought to question.