Web drama ‘Bells’ is considering taking legal action against #Kangin

    According to an insider, Star J Entertainment, the producers of ‘Bell‘s, is currently reviewing legal action against Kangin. Kangin was originally supposed to play the lead in the web drama, but because he took a hiatus after his DUI hit-and-run, the production of the drama has been heavily affected.
    ‘Bells’ started filming in April and had already finished filming. The drama had currently been in the last stages of production and was planned to be released mid-June online in both Korea and China. However, because of Kangin, all of production has been thrown to chaos. Because he is the main character, he cannot be edited out. Not only so, because of his incident, the Chinese release is now no longer certain.
    The insider explained, “This happened only a month before release, so they had no choice but to consider legal action.