#AOA are still caught up in a controversy over their wins on music shows


    AOA are still caught up in a controversy over their wins on music shows, but while ‘Music Bank‘ addressed and rectified the mistake recently, SBS MTV‘s ‘The Show‘ has only now responded about the girls’ win on the May 24 airing.

    On this particular episode, AOA, Seventeen, and April were the contenders for first place. The aggregate of the preliminary scores, real-time online votes from China, and text message votes from Korea showed that AOA won first place for the fourth week of May.

    Though the aggregate scores and votes pointed toward AOA’s win, Seventeen’s fans were not convinced. According to the Seventeen’s fans, in the calculating of the preliminary scores, which encompasses the MV view count from Chinese video siteTudou, AOA maintained the topmost score while Seventeen’s score was at a zero. The aggregate scores showed that there was only a 125-point difference between AOA and Seventeen for the fourth week of May. Seventeen’s fans voiced their concern and complaints on social media, demanding that something be done about this discrepancy.

    An SBB MTV rep spoke up on behalf of ‘The Show,’ making an official statement on May 31. The rep told Herald Pop, “During the preliminary vote gathering process in China, a temporary system error caused Seventeen’s votes to show up as zero. But this is just a technical problem, and all the figures were actually reflected correctly. There were no system error sin the May 24 airing [of ‘The Show’].”

    Regarding AOA’s score, the rep clarified,” There is no problem [with AOA’s first win]. [The score] was reflected using a voting algorithm in China, and when it passes a certain figure, the highest score becomes fixed at 99.99. Because it’s a system where a three-digit figure is not possible, the aggregate score can only reach 99.99. AOA achieved the topmost score every day.

    Netizens were still in disbelief despite the official statement from SBS, commenting, “I think the answer for ‘Music Bank’ and ‘The Show’ is to just get rid of the ranking system altogether,” “Do they think fans are stupid? lololololol I can’t believe this lolololol do they even know how hard it is to maintain a steady 99.9 score lolol how are they gonna explain the votes not showing up even when I paid?” “If ‘The Show’ admits to [their mistake] then AOA will be completely done for, and it will just seem like they’re sticking it out until the end because they’re afraid of being discontinued. ‘Music Bank’ had no choice because they’re on a major broadcasting network and because other fandoms rose up in arms but ‘The Show’ thinks they can just push ahead shamelessly because what happened to them was before the ‘Music Bank’ incident. Whatever, I’ll just boycott music programs,” and more.