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Netizens gather multiple ‘evidence’ to once again assert that #GDragon and #Taeyeon are together


A netizen has gathered multiple, painstaking ‘evidence’ from social media to prove that the two stars are indeed seeing each other and somehow involved romantically.These proofs were collected from various sources online (mostly from Tumblr and of course, GD and Taeyeon’s social media accounts) and circulated more via Korean sites.

Well, you can take a look at these ‘evidence’ yourself and share your own thoughts on whether you find them convincing enough.

The claims using the ‘evidence’ are as follows:

1. After Taeyeon cut her hair short, GD used his private Instagram (Peace Minus One) to like the blond bob cut picture.


2. When GD uploaded a clip of himself blowing a heart, Taeyeon changed the emoticon on her profile picture to one that is also blowing a heart.


3. On the same day, GD’s Weibo and Tayeon’s Snapchat showed that they used the same filter.


4. GD’s private Instagram account and Taeyeon’s Instagram ‘liked’ pictures that were on the same account.


5. Same mic lolol The mic that Taeyeon shared on her Instagram as ‘new gun’ lololol


6.  On the same date: GD-Weibo, Taeyeon-Snapchat.


7. Taeyeon asks ‘Where is my boyfriend?’ and GD answers (in Japanese), ‘For three days I’ll be blah blah blah at xx.’


8. According to foreign fans, this was on the same date.


9.  Similar shoes.


10. Profile picture change. Taeyeon used eight moon [emoticons]. According to foreign fans, eight is GD’s favorite number.


11.  For GD’s signature, like Taeyeon’s, he changed it to the shape of a butterfly. And next to it, he drew Taeyeon’s astrological sign which is Pisces.


12. This seems kinda ridiculous but Taeyeon’s nails: she used the same ‘xxx’ at the end of GD’s [Instagram] ID.