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Suspicions were raised among netizens regarding #GirlsDay Sojin’s academic history


Recently, following the latest epsisde of ‘Problematic Man,’ netizens buzzed about the past articles on Sojin’s academic history. The articles had stated that Sojin was accepted into the early admission for Chung-Ang University, Hanyang University, and Kyungpook National University‘s first semesters. At the time, Sojin had also received an offer to join an entertainment label, and she decided to delay early enrollment to pursue her dreams of stardom. Unfortunately, the company that made the offer went under in six months, and that same year, Sojin was accepted into Yeungnam University.

Netizens doubted Sojin’s acceptance into the universities, as it’s not possible to apply to another university after being admitted to early admission in the same year. Further, netizens claim that Kyungpook University “did not have a first semester” the year Sojin applied for early admission.

The suspicions surrounding Sojin’s academics grew after her appearance on the May 29 episode of ‘Problematic Man’ during which she had told the panel about her above average grades and her dreams to be a doctor.

In a phone call with Yonhap News, Sojin’s agency stated, “Sojin was accepted into Yeungnam University’s second semester in her third year of high school back in 2004. She enrolled in Yeungnam University’s mechanical engineering department after receiving a scholarship,”  and cleared up the suspicions with, “We are aware of the controversy. We never said that [Sojin was accepted] for the first semester; it’s just a misunderstanding. What’s certain is that Sojin enrolled in university during the second semester.