Home News #EXO’s #Xiumin shares funny story about filming his new movie!

#EXO’s #Xiumin shares funny story about filming his new movie!


It may not seem like it, but acting can be a hard job and it requires quite a bit of training to do it properly. But if you are EXO‘s Xiumin, that lack of acting experience can result in quite a funny story!

At a recent briefing session, Xiumin recalled a funny moment that happened during the filming of his upcoming film “Kim Seon-dal“.

I don’t know much about acting. And there’s something that happened while filming that I’m sorry for as a rookie actor.

While I was acting a death scene, I actually fell asleep. Me, a rookie, fell asleep in front of all of his seniors. I was still asleep even after they said, ‘okay, cut.’ It’s a funny story but I was very sorry about it.”

What can we say, other than acting can be exhausting!

“Kim Seon-dal” comes out in theaters on July 9, so it won’t be long before fans can see Xiumin taking a nap on the big screen!