Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin enjoy their last date on Chinese “We Got Married”


    With the end of the second season of the Chinese version of “We Got Married,” Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin enjoy their last date at a baseball stadium.

    The upcoming episode features the couple spending some quality time together in Taipei, Taiwan. While visiting Chen Bolin’s alma mater and other spots in Taiwan, the pair watch a professional baseball league game.

    Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin even hold up a sign showing off their relationship during the match. Their sign shows the message “Bobo is Momo’s.” Bobo is Chen Bolin’s nickname while Momo is Song Ji Hyo’s nickname.

    Many fans are sad to see the popular couple’s last date and hope that they can return for the next season.

    You’ll be able to watch their last date on June 5.