Netizens find even more ‘evidence’ to prove that G-Dragon and Taeyeon are together


    On June 2, netizens claimed that they found even more “evidence” that supposedly prove the two idol stars are together. The “evidence” once again comes from G-Dragon and Taeyeon‘s SNS accounts. At this point, netizens believe that the two are purposely using the same fashion items, photo filters, etc. to secretly portray their romance.

    According to netizens,

    1. Taeyeon and G-Dragon have the same key chain. G-Dragon even posted photos of 2 key chains on his Instagram. The red one is Taeyeon’s and the green one is suspected to be his.


    2. Netizens also agree this one might be a stretch, but the two are spotted wearing the hoodies in the same unique way.


    3. The same bandanna fashion wore on the same exact day. This one is reportedly the strongest ‘evidence’ out of all.