One piece this summer, focus on unique pattern!


    It is expected that this summer will be particularly hot. Female fashion is also going through a big change. Diverse summer items have been released for stylish people. Amongst all, ‘one piece’ that helps complete a feminine look is the most attention-grabbing item.

    However, it is difficult to add a point to the plain one piece look without layering or wearing accessories. It is a great choice to try one piece that has a unique pattern to accentuate your outfit. Let’s learn one piece styling tips to flaunt your special charms.

    #T-ara Hyomin


    Hyomin of T-ara always showcases fashionable styles. She appeared at the airport for overseas schedule. On this day, she had a youthful style like a teenage girl, which was different from the chic style she usually had. She matched a cuffed one piece of a unique pattern with a red square tote bag, capturing people’s attention.

    [Editor’s Pick] If a feminine dress meets floral pattern, a splendid style can be pulled off. In particular, we expose our bodies more often in summer and short items are on point in this season. Women’s sexiness can be further highlighted with these items.

    # Kyung Soo Jin


    Actress Kyung Soo Jin chose a gorgeous A-line one piece to attract attention. The special pattern of the dress maximized her liveliness and pureness. It added a point to her outfit even without wearing accessories.

    [Editor’s Pick] Dot dress is a wise choice to pull off a vivacious look in summer. Dot pattern of different sizes go well with one piece, which round off a lovely daily look.

    #Jang Hee Jin


    Actress Jang Hee Jin wore a white dress to give off an elegant vibe at the press conference of JTBC ‘Mirror of the Witch’. The splendid pattern of her lace dress completed her lovely look and made her pure appearance stand out.

    [Editor’s Pick] If you don’t like wearing a dress only, try layering it. Matching a cuffed white shirt with a delicate patterned one piece can pull off a romantic look. Apart from colorful one piece, you can also try wearing lace one piece to present a classy image.