Song Joong Ki & missA Suzy are voted as celebrities who look like they come out from Manhwa


    From May 23 – 29, an online webtoon platform surveyed 645 users to find out which celebrities best fit the title of ‘Male/Female Visuals Straight Out of Manhwa‘, or faces handsome and pretty enough to have ripped right through the ink and pages.

    For males, the unchallenged winner was none other than Song Joong Ki, earning 23.72% of the total votes. Park Bo Gum came in 2nd place, Seo Kang Jun in 3rd, and Park Hae Jin in 4th.

    For females, miss A‘s Suzy raked in 13.49% of the votes as 1st plae, while AOA‘s Seolhyun clenched 2nd with 10.85%. Actress Park Bo Young came in 3rd, Song Hye Kyo 4th, and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri in 5th.